Communication in Nursing

Riley · ISBN 9780323625487
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Publisher 200
Author(s) Riley
Edition 9
Published 31st October 2019
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Immerse yourself in the ideas, theories, and techniques of effective communication in the workplace! Communication in Nursing, 9th Edition adopts a uniquely practical and personal approach to the demands of today's nursing practice, providing extensive examples, exercises, and techniques that help you to apply communication skills in a variety of clinical settings. Using a conversational tone, this relatable text takes you beyond theory to show you how to understand important concepts and use communication as a tool to limit stress in your nursing practice. The 9th edition includes a new chapter which focuses on the foundation of communication and personality assessment. It also includes a new Putting it into Practice feature to help you apply your new communication skills in the work environment. In addition, updates on the topics of mindfulness, resilience and inter-collaborative communication highlight the importance of implementing these tools in practice. Active Learning features in every chapter promotes active, goal-directed reading. Wit & Wisdom boxes present selected verses and quotations relevant to chapter topics, adding interest and humor. These boxes provide moments of relief from serious topics and "a-ha" moments when theory becomes linked to practice. End-of-chapter exercises help you to master chapter techniques and strengthen your communication skills. QSEN preface and exercises stress how communication impacts safety and quality of care. Discusses the importance of interprofessional education and communication in the healthcare environment.? Addresses the importance of "presence" in nursing - being present for clients, families, colleagues, and self. NEW! Starting with You chapter focuses on personality assessment using the Gallup CliftonStrengths among additional assessment methods. Two chapters have been combined to create a new one titled, Communicating Assertively and Responsibly with "Difficult" Clients and Colleagues, to help you better address aggressive and difficult clients and colleagues. UPDATED! Navigating the Expanding World of Digital Communication and Understanding Each Other chapters have been extensively updated to reflect most recent information. NEW! Chapter exercises incorporate teaching strategies such as cinemeducation and medical improvisation to help facilitate various learning types. UPDATED! Topics of mindfulness, resilience, and inter-collaborative communication have been incorporated throughout. NEW! Additional examples incorporated into Moments of Connection boxes highlight beneficial outcomes of successful communication and provide concrete examples of how communication techniques work.
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