Computing with Mathematica Second Edition

Margaret H. Hoft, Hartmut F.W. Hoft · ISBN 9780123516664
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Publisher Academic Press
Author(s) Margaret H. Hoft / Hartmut F.W. Hoft
Edition 2
Published 25th October 2002
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Computing with Mathematica, 2nd edition is engaging and interactive. It is designed to teach readers how to use Mathematica efficiently for solving problems arising in fields such as mathematics, computer science, physics, and engineering. The text moves from simple to complex, often following a specific example on a number of different levels. This gradual increase in complexity allows readers to steadily build their competence without being overwhelmed. The 2nd edition of this acclaimed book features: * An enclosed CD for Mac and Windows that contains the entire text as a collection of Mathematica notebooks * Substantive real world examples * Challenging exercises, moving from simple to complex * A collection of interactive projects from a variety of applications I really think this is an almost perfect text. -Stephen Brick, University of South Alabama
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