Connectionism and the Mind

William Bechtel, Adele Abrahamsen · ISBN 9780631207122
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Publisher John Wiley & Sons (UK)
Author(s) William Bechtel / Adele Abrahamsen
Subtitle Parallel Processing, Dynamics, and Evolution in Networks
Edition 1
Published 8th November 2001
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Parallel Processing, Dynamics, and Evolution in Networks

Connectionism and the Mind provides a clear and balanced
introduction to connectionist networks and explores theoretical and
philosophical implications. Much of this discussion from the first
edition has been updated, and three new chapters have been added on
the relation of connectionism to recent work on dynamical systems
theory, artificial life, and cognitive neuroscience.

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Connectionism and the Dynamical Approach to Cognition:

Networks, Robots, and Artificial Life:

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