Dual Diagnosis

Peter Phillips, Olive McKeown, Tom Sandford · ISBN 9781405180092
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Publisher John Wiley & Sons (UK)
Author(s) Peter Phillips / Olive McKeown / Tom Sandford
Subtitle Practice in Context
Edition 1
Published 16th October 2009
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Practice in Context

Dual Diagnosis: Practice in Context is a practical
evidence-based guide for practitioners working in
multi-disciplinary mental health and substance misuse service
settings. Divided into three sections, this comprehensive and
international text first explores the contemporary contextual
issues surrounding the subject area.  It then goes on to
review dual diagnosis in some of the ?special?
populations (including people diagnosed with personality disorders,
women, young people, and older adults) and contemporary issues
(e.g. crystal methamphetamine and mental health).  

Part three reviews the development of international service
responses to dual diagnosis and discusses the development and
commissioning of service models, research and practice development.
The text concludes with a chapter outlining priorities for the
development of interventions, service approaches, research and


  • A authoritative  in-depth review of both theoretical,
    clinical and policy issues within a single text

  • Draws together a range of established contributors from a
    variety of disciplines, including mental health nurses,
    occupational therapists, social workers and psychiatrists

  • International in focus, with contributors from the UK, USA,
    Europe and Australia

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