Engineering Informatics

Benny Raphael, Ian F. C. Smith · ISBN 9781118536292
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Publisher John Wiley & Sons (UK)
Author(s) Benny Raphael / Ian F. C. Smith
Subtitle Fundamentals of Computer-Aided Engineering, Second Edition
Edition 1
Published 9th August 2013
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Fundamentals of Computer-Aided Engineering, Second Edition

Computers are ubiquitous throughout all life-cycle stages of
engineering, from conceptual design to manufacturing maintenance,
repair and replacement.  It is essential for all engineers to
be aware of the knowledge behind computer-based tools and
techniques they are likely to encounter. The computational
technology, which allows engineers to carry out design, modelling,
visualisation,  manufacturing, construction and management of
products and infrastructure is known as Computer-Aided Engineering

Engineering Informatics: Fundamentals of Computer-Aided
Engineering, 2nd Edition
provides the foundation knowledge of
computing that is essential for all engineers. This knowledge is
independent of hardware and software characteristics and thus, it
is expected to remain valid throughout an engineering career. This
Second Edition is enhanced with treatment of new areas such as
network science and the computational complexity of distributed

Key features: 

  • Provides extensive coverage of almost all aspects of
    Computer-Aided Engineering, outlining general concepts such as
    fundamental logic, definition of engineering tasks and
    computational complexity

  • Every chapter revised and expanded following more than ten
    years of experience teaching courses on the basis of the first

  • Covers numerous representation frameworks and reasoning

  • Considers the benefits of increased computational power,
    parallel computing and cloud computing

  • Offers many practical engineering examples and exercises, with
    lecture notes available for many of the topics/chapters from the
    ASCE Technical Council on Computing and Information Technology,
    Global Centre of Excellence in Computing
    (, providing a valuable resource for

  • Accompanied by a website hosting updates and solutions

Engineering Informatics: Fundamentals of Computer-Aided
Engineering, 2nd Edition
provides essential knowledge on
computing theory in engineering contexts for students, researchers
and practising engineers.

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