Environmental and Low Temperature Geochemistry

Peter Ryan · ISBN 9781405186124
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Publisher John Wiley & Sons (UK)
Author(s) Peter Ryan
Edition 1
Published 23rd May 2014
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Environmental and Low-Temperature Geochemistry presents
conceptual and quantitative principles of geochemistry in order to
foster understanding of natural processes at and near the
earth?s surface, as well as anthropogenic impacts on 
the natural environment.  It provides the reader with the
essentials of concentration, speciation and reactivity of elements
in soils, waters, sediments and air, drawing attention to both
thermodynamic and kinetic controls.  Specific features

? An introductory chapter that reviews basic chemical
principles applied to environmental and low-temperature

? Explanation and analysis of the importance of minerals in
the environment

? Principles of aqueous geochemistry

? Organic compounds in the environment

? The role of microbes in processes such as
biomineralization, elemental speciation and reduction-oxidation

? Thorough coverage of the fundamentals of important
geochemical cycles (C, N, P, S)

? Atmospheric chemistry

? Soil geochemistry

? The roles of stable isotopes in environmental

? Radioactive and radiogenic isotopes as environmental
tracers and environmental contaminants

? Principles and examples of instrumental analysis in
environmental geochemistry

The text concludes with a case study of surface water and
groundwater contamination that includes interactions and reactions
of naturally-derived inorganic substances and introduced organic
compounds (fuels and solvents),  and illustrates the
importance of interdisciplinary analysis in environmental

Readership: Advanced undergraduate and graduate students
studying environmental/low T geochemistry as part of an earth
science, environmental science or related program.

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