Equine Welfare

C. Wayne McIlwraith, Bernard E. Rollin · ISBN 9781405187633
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Publisher John Wiley & Sons (UK)
Author(s) C. Wayne McIlwraith / Bernard E. Rollin
Edition 1
Published 18th March 2011
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A rational exploration of the ethical and welfare issues in all
areas of equine use. This book addresses controversial and emotive
issues surrounding these iconic creatures, providing a reliable
source of information to support informed debate. It will enable
all those with an interest in horses and the uses they are put to
gain an awareness of the problems and abuses that occur. The book
draws on the expertise of a range of acknowledged leaders in equine
health and welfare. The first part of the book explores general
issues of the horse?s needs and nature. The second part
contains chapters each covering a specific human use of horses and
the abuses that arise as a result.

This book is part of the UFAW/Wiley-Blackwell Animal Welfare
Book Series. This major series of books produced in collaboration
between UFAW (The Universities Federation for Animal Welfare), and
Wiley-Blackwell provides an authoritative source of information on
worldwide developments, current thinking and best practice in the
field of animal welfare science and technology. For details of all
of the titles in the series see href="">

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