Evidence-Based Nursing

Nicky Cullum, Donna Ciliska, Brian Haynes, Susan Marks · ISBN 9781405145978
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Publisher John Wiley & Sons (UK)
Author(s) Nicky Cullum / Donna Ciliska / Brian Haynes / Susan Marks
Subtitle An Introduction
Edition 1
Published 12th November 2007
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An Introduction

What is evidence-based nursing? Simply, it is the application of valid, relevant, and research-based information in nurse decision-making. Used effectively, evidence-based nursing methods can be used to dramatically enhance patient care and improve outcomes.

Evidence-based Nursing is a practical guide to evidence-based nursing for students and practitioners. Proceeding step-by-step, it enables nurses to understand and evaluate the different types of evidence that are available, and to critically appraise the studies that lay behind them. It also considers the ways in which these findings can be implemented in clinical practice, and how research can be practically applied to clinical-decision making.

  • Easy to use step-by-step approach

  • Explores all aspects of the evidence-based nursing process

  • Includes updates of popular articles from Evidence-based Nursing

  • Examines dissemination and implementation of research findings in clinical practice

  • Includes clinical scenarios

  • Chapters include learning exercises to aid understanding

Evidence-based Nursing is a vital resource for students and practitioners wanting to learn more about research based nursing methods.

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