Exercise Physiology

Plowman · ISBN 9781496323187
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Publisher Lippincott Williams & Wilkins USA
Author(s) Plowman
Subtitle For Health Fitness and Performance
Edition 5
Published 12th February 2017
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For Health Fitness and Performance

The new edition of Plowman and Smith�s renowned text continues to the authoratative textbook for teaching Exercise Physiology. This engaging and beautifully designed text integrates theoretical and research based basic exercise physiology with real-world application to prepare students for exciting positions in exercise science, fitness, physical education, athletic training, rehabilitation, coaching and/or allied health professions. Accessible and engaging, the 5th Edition offers coverage of foundational science and critical exercise physiology topics. Organized by independent units (Metabolic, Cardiovascular-respiratory, Neuromuscular-skeletal, and Neuroendocrine-immune) this text offers maximum teaching flexibility for faculty and consistent presentation of of material for the student. To make the content more accessible, each unit follows a consistent sequence of presentation: basic anatomy and physiology, the measurement and meaning of variables used in exercise physiology, exercise responses, training principles, and special applications, problems, and considerations. Every chapter includes thoughtful pedagogical aids to assist in applying learning, including: Check Your Comprehension boxes and case studies to maximize the text�s applicability. Features: - A consistent pedagogical approach in each unit ensures that basic concepts are presented first so that application that follows can more easily be understood. - Integrated coverage of both sexes and all ages, including the exercise responses of females vs males, children and adolescents vs adults, and older vs younger adults to reflect real-world situations and allow for appropriate application of exercise principles. - Engaging writing and rich illustrations that explain foundational science and relevant research to help students apply learning to real life examples. - Expanded Check Your Comprehension features now include case studies (at least one in every chapter) that engage the student as an active learner to link content to practice. - Focus on Research boxes expose students to classic studies, particularly relevant research, and new discoveries in the field. - Focus on Application boxes help students relate basic concepts to clinical situations. - Exercise icons and color coding within figures represent specific exercise response patterns and allow for quick recognition of conditions. - A vibrant art program provides a visually engaging experience for students. - Definition boxes appear on the same page as key terms to help students master the vocabulary of the field. - In-book learning aids, including chapter objectives, chapter summaries, and chapter review questions, enhance learning and recall - Online animations and videos called out in the text direct students to engaging, interactive online learning resources.
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