Fundamentals of Electrochemistry

Vladimir S. Bagotsky · ISBN 9780471741985
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Publisher John Wiley & Sons Inc (US)
Author(s) Vladimir S. Bagotsky
Edition 2
Published 10th November 2005
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Fundamentals of Electrochemistry provides the basic outline of most
topics of theoretical and applied electrochemistry for students not
yet familiar with this field, as well as an outline of recent and
advanced developments in electrochemistry for people who are
already dealing with electrochemical problems.

The content of this edition is arranged so that all basic
information is contained in the first part of the book, which is
now rewritten and simplified in order to make it more accessible
and used as a textbook for undergraduate students. More advanced
topics, of interest for postgraduate levels, come in the subsequent

This updated second edition focuses on experimental techniques,
including a comprehensive chapter on physical methods for the
investigation of electrode surfaces. New chapters deal with recent
trends in electrochemistry, including nano- and
micro-electrochemistry, solid-state electrochemistry, and
electrocatalysis. In addition, the authors take into account the
worldwide renewal of interest for the problem of fuel cells and
include chapters on batteries, fuel cells, and double layer
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