General Chemistry I as a Second Language

David R. Klein · ISBN 9781119110934
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Publisher John Wiley & Sons Inc (US)
Author(s) David R. Klein
Subtitle Mastering the Fundamental Skills
Edition 1
Published 2nd March 2005
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Mastering the Fundamental Skills

Many students and instructors are overwhelmed by the vast amount of
content and concepts presented in General Chemistry. Students often
emerge from the course with little understanding of chemical
concepts and must be retaught in subsequent courses. This
supplemental text can be paired with Olmsted/Williams, Brady,
Spencer or any other General Chemistry title.

David Klein is a lecturer at Johns Hopkins University where he
teaches Organic and General Chemistry. He is a dynamic and creative
teacher and uses analogy to help students grasp difficult topics.
Klein?s unique informal voice and manner of presentation help
students truly master key topics in this course. He is also the
author of Organic Chemistry as a Second Language; response to this
book has been phenomenal.

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