Geriatric Syndromes, An Issue of Nursing Clinics

Miller, Kim · ISBN 9780323545600
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Publisher C V Mosby
Author(s) Miller / Kim
Edition 1
Published 28th September 2017
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Top experts from Vanderbilt University School of Nursing have put together an excellent issue devoted to Geriatric Syndromes that will prepare the reader for treatment and patient care of geriatric patients. Top authors have written reviews in the following areas: Cognitive Issues; GI Disturbances; Urinary Incontinence; Frailty; Impaired Mobility and Functional Decline; Risk for Injury (Falls); Nutritional Risks; Pain Management; Polypharmacy Management; Impairments in Skin Integrity; and Sleep Disorders. Nurses will come away with a current view of the clinical management for these clinical issues in geriatric population.
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