Improving Health Care Quality

Mary Ann Shifflet, Cecilia Martinez, Jane Oppenlander, Shirley Shmerling · ISBN 9781119604617
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Publisher John Wiley & Sons Inc (US)
Author(s) Mary Ann Shifflet / Cecilia Martinez / Jane Oppenlander / Shirley Shmerling
Subtitle Case Studies with JMP
Edition 1
Published 1st May 2020
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Case Studies with JMP

Learn how to improve the quality of health care offered by your institution using data you already have

Improving Health Care Quality: Case Studies with JMP® teaches readers how to systematically identify problems, collect and interpret data, and solve issues in the real world. Relying on JMP® software, the authors walk readers through the process of applying quality improvement techniques to real-life health care problems.

The case studies provided in the book vary significantly and provide a wide-ranging view of the application of quality improvement techniques in the health care field. Studies regarding length of stay of diabetes patients to benchmarking the costs of hip replacement all serve to illuminate and explain the underlying concepts of statistical analysis.

The authors break each case study down into several sections, including:

  • Background and Task

  • Data and Data Management

  • Analysis

  • Summary

  • Concepts and Tools

  • Exercises and Discussion Questions

Each section reinforces the lessons learned in each case study and helps the reader learn to apply statistical data to their own health care quality problems.

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