International Review of Cytology, Volume 245

Kwang W Jeon · ISBN 9780123646491
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Publisher Academic Press
Author(s) Kwang W Jeon
Subtitle A Survey of Cell Biology
Published 18th August 2005
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A Survey of Cell Biology

International Review of Cytology presents current advances and comprehensive reviews in cell biology - both plant and animal. Authored by some of the foremost scientists in the field, each volume provides up-to-date information and directions for future research. Articles in this volume address Calpain proteases in cell adhesion and motility; Transforming growth factor beta (TGF-b) and programmed cell death in the vertebrate retina; Molecular Mechanism of Apoptosis Induced by Mechanical Forces; Cellular functions of ER chaperones Calreticulin, calnexin, and Erp57; Plasticity of nonapeptidergic neurosecretory cells in connection with the discovery of neurosecretion; Interactions between virus proteins and host cell membranes during viral life cycle; Nerve ending "signal" proteins GAP-43, MARCKS and BASP1.
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