Introduction to Pragmatics

Betty J. Birner · ISBN 9781405175838
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Publisher John Wiley & Sons (UK)
Author(s) Betty J. Birner
Edition 1
Published 17th August 2012
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Introduction to Pragmatics guides students through
traditional and new approaches in the field, focusing particularly
on phenomena at the elusive semantics/pragmatics boundary to
explore the role of context in linguistic communication.

  • Offers students an accessible introduction and an up-to-date
    survey of the field, encompassing both established and new
    approaches to pragmatics

  • Addresses the traditional range of topics ? such as
    implicature, reference, presupposition, and speech acts ? as
    well as newer areas of research, including neo-Gricean theories,

  • Theory, information structure, inference, and dynamic
    approaches to meaning

  • Explores the relationship and boundaries between semantics and

  • Ideal for students coming to pragmatics for the first time

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