Life Centered Financial Planning

Mitch Anthony, Paul Armson · ISBN 9781119709091
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Publisher John Wiley & Sons Inc (US)
Author(s) Mitch Anthony / Paul Armson
Subtitle How to Deliver Value That Will Never Be Undervalued
Edition 1
Published 16th October 2020
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How to Deliver Value That Will Never Be Undervalued

Bring your financial planning to life by bringing life to your financial planning.

Life-Centered Financial Planning: How to Deliver Value That Will Never Be Undervalued shows financial planners and advisors how to radically improve the service they provide to their clients by tying their decisions and strategies to their clients’ life events, stages, and goals.

Written by distinguished financial professionals Mitch Anthony and Paul Armson, Life-Centered Financial Planning provides readers with practical advice and concrete strategies to revolutionize their organization and client service by:

· Focusing on what matters most to clients, rather than maximizing assets under management or pushing products

· Understanding that a strong financial plan means more than simply accumulating as much money as possible

· Building a business model that is good for everyone involved: the financial advisor, clients, and the organization

· Moving from being a commodity to being your client's trusted advisor

The book is perfect for any financial planner or advisor who wishes to adapt to the radical redefinition of financial services taking place today.

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