LPN Facts Made Incredibly Quick!

Springhouse · ISBN 9781605474717
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Publisher Springhouse
Author(s) Springhouse
Edition 2
Published 28th August 2009
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LPN Facts Made Incredibly Quick! Second Edition is the point-of-care reference that every LPN needs. Incorporating popular features of the Incredibly Easy! Series�, this pocket-sized book provides instant access to information nurses need quickly every day. The wipeable page surface allows nurses to make notes and remove them easily. Tabbed and color-coded sections and an easy-to-use index facilitate quick reference. Coverage includes weight and temperature conversion charts; infection control measures; assessment, illustrations of key landmarks; quick-scan charts of laboratory test results; medication administration via different routes IV infusions and calculating drip rates; geriatric care; emergency basics such as infant, child, and adult CPR, cardiac arrest algorithm, and interventions for choking; fall precautions; English-Spanish guides; and treatment for biological weapons exposure. This edition includes safe drug administration guidelines; evidence-based nursing guidelines; more geriatric information; more nursing skills; new patient safety information; updated CPR guidelines; pressure ulcer stages; and an expanded Spanish picture dictionary.
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