Measurement and the Measurement of Change

Polit · ISBN 9781451194494
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Publisher Lippincott Williams & Wilkins USA
Author(s) Polit
Published 26th January 2015
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Ideal for health professionals who develop new instruments, adapt existing ones, select instruments for use in clinical trials or in clinical practice, interpret information from measurements and changes in scores, or undertake a systematic review on instruments, Measurement and the Measurement of Change: A Primer for the Health Professions provides a �gentle� introduction to and overview of complex measurement content that helps ensure high-quality science and excellence in clinical practice. While the book assumes a basic understanding of statistics and statistical inference, the statistical content serves to enhance conceptual understanding rather than to guide computations. This highly practical book draws on measurement theory and approaches from a variety of fields and includes recent advances from psychometrics, clinimetrics, and other fields not offered in other health measurement books.
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