Methods for Meta-Analysis in Medical Research

Alexander J. Sutton, Keith R. Abrams, David R Jones, Trevor A. Sheldon, Fujian Song · ISBN 9780471490661
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Publisher John Wiley & Sons (UK)
Author(s) Alexander J. Sutton / Keith R. Abrams / David R Jones / Trevor A. Sheldon / Fujian Song
Edition 1
Published 24th October 2000
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With meta-analysis methods playing a crucial role in health
research in recent years, this important and clearly-written book
provides a much-needed survey of the field.

Meta-analysis provides a framework for combining the results of
several clinical trials and drawing inferences about the
effectiveness of medical treatments. The move towards
evidence-based health care and practice is underpinned by the use
of meta-analysis. This book:

* Provides a thorough criticism and an up-to-date survey of
meta-analysis methods

* Emphasises the practical approach, and illustrates the methods by
numerous examples

* Describes the use of Bayesian methods in meta-analysis

* Includes discussion of appropriate software for each

* Includes numerous references to more advanced treatment of
specialist topics

* Refers to software code used in the examples available on the
authors' Web site

Practising statisticians, statistically-minded clinicians and
health research professionals will benefit greatly from the clear
presentation and numerous examples. Medical researchers will grasp
the basic principles of meta-analysis, and learn how to apply the
various methods.
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