Methods In Enzymology, Volume 338

Thomas L. James, Volker D?sch, Uli Schmitz · ISBN 9780121822392
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Publisher Academic Press
Author(s) Thomas L. James / Volker D?sch / Uli Schmitz
Published 29th June 2001
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Contributors to Volume 338.
Volume in Series.
Use of Chemical Shifts in Macromolecular S tructure Determination, D.S. Wishart and D.A. Case.
Cross-Correlated Relaxation for Measurement of Angles between Tensorial Interactions, H. Schwalbe, T. Carlomagno , M. Hennig, J. Junker, B. Reif, Christian Richter, and C. GriesingerE M>.
Applications of Adiabatic Pulses in Biomolecula r Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, E. Kupce.
Scalar Couplings across Hydrogen Bonds, S. Grzesiek , F. Cordier, and A.J. Dingley.
On-Line Cell H igh-Pressure Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Technique: Application to Protei n Studies, K. Akasaka and H. Yamada.
<STR ONG>Maximum Entropy Reconstruction: Spectrum Analysis and Deconvolution in Multidimensional Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, J.C. Hoch a nd A.S. Stern.
Magnetic Relaxation Dispersion Studies of Biomolecular Solutions, B. Halle and V.P. Deniso

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