Middle Range Theories

Peterson & Bredow · ISBN 9781975149062
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Publisher Lippincott Williams & Wilkins USA
Author(s) Peterson & Bredow
Subtitle Application to Nursing Research and Practice
Edition 5
Published 24th January 2020
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Application to Nursing Research and Practice

Middle Range Theory: Application to Nursing Research and Practice, Fifth Edition is premier resource for nursing students completing major research or practice projects. Authors Sandra Peterson and Tim Bredow cover the most frequently cited middle range theories that can be applied to research and practice, and organize them into Physiological, Cognitive, Emotional, Social, and Integrative categories that allow students to easily apply them to projects. The 5th Edition provides expert advice on selecting middle range theories for projects and on critiquing theories. In this edition, a new chapter and special feature box were added to help students with the major task of planning, managing, and evaluating a project.
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