Nanostructures for Cancer Therapy

Alexandru Grumezescu, Anton Ficai · ISBN 9780323461443
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Publisher 215
Author(s) Alexandru Grumezescu / Anton Ficai
Edition 1
Published 14th April 2017
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Nanostructures for Cancer Therapy discusses the available preclinical and clinical nanoparticle technology platforms and their impact on cancer therapy, including current trends and developments in the use of nanostructured materials in chemotherapy and chemotherapeutics. In particular, coverage is given to the applications of gold nanoparticles and quantum dots in cancer therapies. In addition to the multifunctional nanomaterials involved in the treatment of cancer, other topics covered include nanocomposites that can target tumoral cells and the release of antitumoral therapeutic agents. The book is an up-to-date overview that covers the inorganic and organic nanostructures involved in the diagnostics and treatment of cancer.
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