Orthobiologics, An Issue of Orthopedic Clinics

Calandruccio, Mauck, Toy · ISBN 9780323531429
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Publisher C V Mosby
Author(s) Calandruccio / Mauck / Toy
Edition 1
Published 28th July 2017
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This issue of Orthopedic Clinics focuses on Orthobiologics. Article topics include: Does Prior Cartilage Restoration Impact Outcomes Following Knee Arthroplasty?; Clinical Applications of Tissue Engineering in Joint Arthroplasty: Current Concepts Update; Usage of Bone Graft Substitutes; Bone morphogenetic protein; Role of Bone Marrow Aspirate in Orthopaedic Trauma; Orthobiologics in Pediatric Sports Medicine, and more!
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