Personal Development and Clinical Psychology

Jan Hughes, Sheila Youngson · ISBN 9781405158664
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Publisher John Wiley & Sons (UK)
Author(s) Jan Hughes / Sheila Youngson
Edition 1
Published 9th January 2009
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Personal Development and Clinical Psychology is a vital
reference text for all those involved in clinical psychology and
related professions. This book offers a comprehensive exploration
of the methods, approaches, theories and issues surrounding
personal development, incorporating a number of different views
from both those practising and training in the field, and includes
service usersâ?? perspectives. The importance of personal
development is considered and chapters are devoted to presenting a
model of the different processes, examining issues of power and
identity, and assessing how training courses currently approach and
encourage personal development and how it might be evaluated. The
book culminates in summarising the major themes, and offers
suggestions for future developments.

  • In line with BPS accreditation criteria which identifies
    personal development as a core learning objective

  • Offers an historical overview of the clinical psychology

  • Includes the voices of service users and carers

  • Considers how personal development can be assessed

  • Also of interest to counselors, psychotherapists, and nurse
    therapists as well as clinical psychologists and related
    professions outside the UK

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