Pollution of Lakes and Rivers

John P. Smol · ISBN 9781405159135
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Publisher John Wiley & Sons (UK)
Author(s) John P. Smol
Subtitle A Paleoenvironmental Perspective
Edition 1
Published 7th January 2008
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A Paleoenvironmental Perspective

Now in its second edition, Pollution of Lakes and Rivers
provides essential insights into present-day water quality problems
from an international perspective.

  • Explains simply and effectively how lake sediments can be used
    to reconstruct pollution history

  • Includes over 200 additional references and a new chapter on
    recent climatic change and its effects on water quality and

  • Tackles present-day water quality problems from an
    international perspective

  • Previously published by Hodder Arnold

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"This is a very well-written and wide-ranging volume that is
both instructive and topical. It is likely to prove useful as an
introduction to the general area, a reference source and for
teaching purposes." (The Holocene, November 2008)

"If you thought that paleolimnology was just mud, pollen, and
diatoms then you will likely be both struck by the complexity of
this field of research and grateful that John Smol, FRSC, has
described it so clearly and broadly. Simply put, the second edition
is an excellent book." ( Journal of Phycology, 2008)

?This is a useful text. It provides a good level of detail
so that the beginner in this area can appreciate what
palaeolimnology can (and cannot) achieve. It goes beyond the simple
introduction to provide a detailed understanding of how techniques
can be applied ... This is a different take on the usual pollution
text and would be of great use to those wishing to understand more
from sedimentary records.? Taken from the British
Ecological Society?s Teaching Ecology website

"John Smol has extensive experience in this field of
paleoenvironmental research which he combines well with his
excellent written communication skills to produce a text that is
easy to read but also thought provoking."  (Quaternary
Science Reviews, 2009)

?The breadth of coverage in this text is
impressive.? (Lake and Reservoir Management,

?If I could speak with fluidity and clarity in my lectures
as consistently as John Smol writes my students would be very
grateful.? (Journal of Paleolimnology, 2009)

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