Rupert Brown · ISBN 9781405113076
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Publisher John Wiley & Sons (UK)
Author(s) Rupert Brown
Subtitle Its Social Psychology
Edition 1
Published 30th July 2010
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Its Social Psychology

This new edition of Prejudice provides a comprehensive
treatment of the subject, introducing the major theoretical ideas
as well as providing a critical analysis of recent developments.

  • Takes a social psychological perspective, analysing individual
    behavior as part of a pattern of intergroup processes

  • Covers the major research, including classical personality
    accounts, developmental approaches, socio-cognitive research
    focussing on categorization and stereotyping, prejudice as an
    intergroup phenomenon, and ways to combat prejudice

  • Illustrates concepts with examples of different kinds of
    prejudice drawn from everyday life

  • Includes a new chapter on prejudice from the victim's

  • Fully updated throughout, with expansion of the notions of
    explicit and implicit manifestations of prejudice

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