PrepU for Porth's Pathophysiology

Norris · ISBN 9781496386694
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Publisher Lippincott Williams & Wilkins USA
Author(s) Norris
Edition 10
Published 6th November 2018
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This 12 month access version of this product is for Packages Only. Please Use 978-1-4963-8667-0 for Stand Alone Sale. PrepU for Porth's Pathophysiology , 10e uses a formative and individualized approach to help students master their Pathophysiology course. The adaptive quizzing engine provides students with personalized quizzes that help each student learn based on demonstrated mastery, while giving instructors a window into students and class-wide misconceptions, strengths, and weaknesses. The new edition has been fully updated in conjunction with the main text, with more than 700 new questions added to a bank of thousands of questions for practice.
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