Principles of Cloning

Robert P. Lanza · ISBN 9780121745974
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Publisher Academic Press
Author(s) Robert P. Lanza
Published 9th August 2002
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Principles of Cloning is the first comprehensive book on animal cloning since the creation of Dolly. The contributing authors are the principal investigators on each of the animal species cloned to date, and are expertly qualified to present the state-of-the-art information in their respective areas. Editors Cibelli, Lanza and West garnered worldwide spotlight late in 2001 when their company, Advanced Cell Technology, announced the successful engineering of the world's first cloned human embryo. The trio was featured in the US News & World Report December 2001 cover story, The First Human Clone. The book presents the basic biological mechanisms of how cloning works and progresses to discuss current and potential applications in basic biology, agriculture, biotechnology, and medicine.
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