Rivers of Europe

Christopher T. Robinson, Urs Uehlinger, Klement Tockner · ISBN 9780123694492
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Publisher Academic Press
Author(s) Christopher T. Robinson / Urs Uehlinger / Klement Tockner
Published 24th December 2008
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The EU-Water Framework Directive (WFD) is a legislative framework to protect and improve the quality of all water resources including rivers. "Good status" of all European rivers must be achieved by 2015. Based on the bestselling book, Rivers of North America, this new guide stands as the only primary source of complete and comparative baseline data on the biological and hydrological characteristics of more than 180 of the highest profile rivers in Europe. With numerous full-color photographs and maps, this book includes conservation information on current patterns of river use and the extent to which human society has exploited and impacted them. Rivers of Europe provides the information ecologists and conservation managers need to better assess their management and meet the EU legislative good governance targets.* Coverage on more than 180 European rivers * Summarizes biological, ecological and biodiversity characteristics * Provides conservation managers with information to resolve conflicts between recreational use of rivers, their use as a water supply, and the need to conserve natural habitats * Data on river hydrology (maximum , minimum and average flow rates), seasonal variation in water flow * Numerous full-color photographs * Information on the underlying geology and its affect on river behaviour
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