Severe Childhood Psychiatric Disorders

Driver, Thomas · ISBN 9780323511476
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Publisher Saunders
Author(s) Driver / Thomas
Subtitle A Clinician's Guide
Edition 1
Published 27th April 2018
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A Clinician's Guide

Get a quick, expert overview of complex childhood psychiatric disorders from Drs. David I. Driver, and Shari Thomas, of Healthy Foundations Group. This practical resource presents a summary of today's current knowledge and best approaches to topics from gender dysphoria to childhood onset schizophrenia and other complex psychiatric disorders. Comprehensive guide for any professional working with children. Consolidates today's evidence-based information on complex childhood psychiatric disorders into one convenient resource. Provides must-know information on evaluation and management. Covers a range of psychiatric disorders of children including psychosis, autoimmune encephalitides, delirium, concussions, ADHD, irritability, sleep disorders, and eating disorders.
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