The French Revolution

Ronald Schechter · ISBN 9780631212713
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Publisher John Wiley & Sons (UK)
Author(s) Ronald Schechter
Subtitle The Essential Readings
Edition 1
Published 21st December 2000
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The Essential Readings

This book presents ten selections from the most important
scholarship on the French Revolution over the past quarter century,
introduced and contextualized for student readers.

Historians typically categorize the historiography of the French
Revolution according to each author's approval or disapproval of
the Revolution, political agenda (for example Marxist, liberal,
conservative, or feminist), or methodology (for example social,
political, or cultural history). This book demonstrates the
inadequacy of these categories of analysis for a nuanced
understanding of the Revolution and emphasizes the surprising
connections between historians typically seen simply as opponents
in a debate. In its thorough introduction, The French
Revolution: The Essential Readings
demonstrates the success of
an eclectic, interdisciplinary approach to this central period in
modern European history and the larger relevance of the
historiography to the humanities more generally.

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