The Holocaust

Simone Gigliotti, Berel Lang · ISBN 9781405114004
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Publisher John Wiley & Sons (UK)
Author(s) Simone Gigliotti / Berel Lang
Subtitle A Reader
Edition 1
Published 25th November 2004
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A Reader

This interdisciplinary collection of primary and secondary readings
encourages scholars and students to engage critically with current
debates about the origins, implementation and postwar
interpretation of the Holocaust.

  • Interdisciplinary content encourages students to engage with
    philosophical, political, cultural and literary debate as well as
    historiographical issues.

  • Integrates oral histories and testimonies from both victims and
    perpetrators, including Jewish council leaders, victims of ghettos
    and camps, SS officials and German soldiers.

  • Subsections can be used as the basis for oral or written

  • Whole articles or substantial extracts are included wherever

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