The Skin and Common Disorders Anatomical Chart Paper Unmounted

Anatomical Chart Company · ISBN 9781587796128
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Publisher Anatomical Chart Company
Author(s) Anatomical Chart Company
Edition 1
Published 1st April 2004
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Redesigned and updated with additional information this chart shows cross sections of the skin nail and hair anatomy and describes the role of the epidermis dermis and subcutaneous layer. The chart illustrates and describes types of skin lesions: fissure ulcer cyst macule papule wheal vesicle pustule bulla and nodule. It also shows and describes acne (closed and open comedo) actinic keratosis (solar keratosis) junctional nevus (mole) basal cell carcinoma squamous cell carcinoma verruca vulgaris (wart) seborrheic keratosis dermatofibroma and urticaria (hives). "Three dimensions let you feel texture and form. Three-dimensional images bold titles and clear easy-to-read labels make it easy and fun to learn about the body. The durable lightweight non-toxic recyclable plastic will last indefinitely. The chart has a hole at the top for easy wall hanging and will also stand up on an easel.
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