Understanding Drugs and Behaviour

Andrew Parrott, Alun Morinan, Mark Moss, Andrew Scholey · ISBN 9780471986409
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Publisher John Wiley & Sons (UK)
Author(s) Andrew Parrott / Alun Morinan / Mark Moss / Andrew Scholey
Edition 1
Published 26th May 2004
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Why are some drugs highly addictive? What exactly are the
effects of different types of psychoactive drugs? How can they
produce such dramatic effects on mood, cognition, sensation,
awareness, health and well-being?

Understanding Drugs and Behaviour describes in detail how
the main psychoactive drugs can alter brain chemistry and modify
behaviour. Basic drug effects tolerance and addiction, are
discussed, together with diverse medical, social, and psychological
reasons for drug taking.Written by experienced lecturers with a
high level of research expertise, all the main drugs used in
today's society are included, such as alcohol, nicotine, cannabis,
LSD and Ecstacy, opiates, CNS stimulants, as well as clinical

Teaching and learning features include:

  • Chapter overviews     

  • In-depth core material   

  • End of chapter questions   

  • Key references

  • Extensive glossary     

  • Journals and websites of interest

This introductory text will be of use to students of psychology,
behavioural sciences, health sciences, nursing, physiology and

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