Understanding Influenza Anatomical Chart Paper Unmounted

Anatomical Chart Company · ISBN 9781587798856
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Publisher Anatomical Chart Company
Author(s) Anatomical Chart Company
Edition 1
Published 15th October 2004
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Developed in conjunction with a practicing primary care physician and an anatomy professor, this chart covers the areas of influenza that are essential for all patients to understand. Illustrations and text show how the virus spreads and areas of the body that are affected. Two kinds of preventive measures are listed: ways to prevent influenza and ways to help prevent the spread of influenza once you have it. The chart details special risk factors and complications and highlights the importance of getting a flu shot. Succinct text tells what to do if you get sick with the flu and stresses that antibiotics are not recommended for this disease because they work only against bacterial infections, not viral infections like influenza. Understanding Influenza includes answers to three common patient questions�how to tell the difference between a cold and the flu, whether the stomach flu is the same as influenza, and if the symptoms of the flu are different in children.
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