Vector Calculus

Miroslav Lovric · ISBN 9780471725695
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Publisher John Wiley & Sons Inc (US)
Author(s) Miroslav Lovric
Edition 1
Published 19th December 2006
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This book gives a comprehensive and thorough introduction to ideas
and major results of the theory of functions of several variables
and of modern vector calculus in two and three dimensions. Clear
and easy-to-follow writing style, carefully crafted examples, wide
spectrum of applications and numerous illustrations, diagrams, and
graphs invite students to use the textbook actively, helping them
to both enforce their understanding of the material and to brush up
on necessary technical and computational skills. Particular
attention has been given to the material that some students find
challenging, such as the chain rule, Implicit Function Theorem,
parametrizations, or the Change of Variables Theorem.


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