War in Ancient Egypt

Anthony J. Spalinger · ISBN 9781405113724
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Publisher John Wiley & Sons (UK)
Author(s) Anthony J. Spalinger
Subtitle The New Kingdom
Edition 1
Published 9th December 2004
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The New Kingdom

This book is an introduction to the war machine of New Kingdom
Egypt from c. 1575 bc?1100 bc.

  • Focuses on the period in which the Egyptians created a
    professional army and gained control of Syria, creating an
    ?Empire of Asia?.

  • Written by a respected Egyptologist.

  • Highlights new technological developments, such as the use of
    chariots and siege technology.

  • Considers the socio-political aspects of warfare, particularly
    the rise to power of a new group of men.

  • Evaluates the military effectiveness of the Egyptian state,
    looking at the logistics of warfare during this period.

  • Incorporates maps and photographs, a chronological table, and a
    chart of dynasties and pharaohs

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