Yes, You Can Do This! How Women Start Up, Scale Up, and Build The Life They Want

Claudia Reuter · ISBN 9781119625605
Yes, You Can Do This! How Women Start Up, Scale Up, and Build The Life They Want | Zookal Textbooks | Zookal Textbooks
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Publisher John Wiley & Sons Inc (US)
Author(s) Claudia Reuter
Edition 1
Published 31st January 2020
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How women can "lean in" to entrepreneurship to create the life they want!

Claudia Reuter left a promising corporate career to raise her two young children but realized, when re-entering the workforce, that the gap in her resume looked like a gap in ambition—not a purposeful plan. Instead of leaning into a corporate career and fighting the structures and systems designed by and for men decades ago, or leaning out and giving up income, Claudia took a different path. That decision ultimately led to success in the corporate world and at home.

In Yes, You Can Do This!, Claudia shares her own reasons for starting a business and makes a call to action for women to consider entrepreneurship so that they can create businesses with the rules they want and change the playing field for others, making a significant impact in the world. More than a "how-to book" on building a business, Yes, You Can Do This! provides clear examples and practical resources to help others create the life they want through entrepreneurship.

In Yes, You Can Do This!, you'll learn:

  • How to develop and share your vision

  • How to deal with stereotypes and unconscious bias

  • How to leverage perceived weaknesses and turn them into strengths

  • How to balance life at high speeds and avoid burnout

  • How to cultivate the confidence to move from idea to creating a company with the culture and rules you want

Claudia provides women with an electrifying third career option: it’s not just "lean in" or "lean out," but startup and change the playing field for others in the process.

Praise for Yes, You Can Do This!

"It's rare to find a book on entrepreneurship that fuels your heart with inspiration and encouragement and your mind with practical, tangible things you can put into action immediately — but this is one of them. As a woman who has started three companies and been a senior team member of five startups, this is the guide I wish I'd read when I was starting out."
—Nataly Kogan, Author of Happier Now and founder of Happier, Inc.

"Combining compelling storytelling with practical, tactical advice, Reuter has created a manifesto for the next generation of female founders. Rooted in the research around gender and work, this is a must read for women looking to launch the next new thing."
—Jennifer McFadden, Associate Director of Entrepreneurial Programs, Yale School of Management

"A must-read for any woman considering taking the leap into entrepreneurship, You Can Do This brings together today's best thinking about women in the workplace with practical advice for creating your dream career and life - by starting a company. Whether you are just curious or ready to take the leap, this book is a great read and a valuable resource."
—Anna Barber, Managing Director, Techstars

"Claudia helps not just the female entrepreneur, but all entrepreneurs, find their footing in what can be an overwhelming whirlwind of starting a business. This book is not only inspiring and uplifting, but positively necessary for any woman looking to find success in the startup space!"
—Shira Atkins, Co-founder & CMO Wonder Media Network

"Stories of entrepreneurial success exist in abundance for men who receive 97.8% of venture funding and hold 95% of CEO roles. What is most inspiring about Claudia's book, making me want to shout from the rooftop, is that it is told from the perspective of an everyday woman who pushed hard through barriers, doubts, and setbacks that any entrepreneur would face. On top of all that, she overcame obstacles that are uniquely ours as women today. Claudia is now a standout among women, but with her book in hand, women who want to build a business to scale have a blueprint and path to do so. Here's to making dreams come true!"
—Coco Brown, CEO and Founder, The Athena Alliance.

"As I read through the book, there were multiple points where I thought, 'Every man in any startup or fast-growing business should read this.' As a man in technology, I took away lots of new ideas, along with examples that were explained in a way that I wouldn’t have been able to do prior to reading Claudia’s book"
—Brad Feld, Managing Director, at Foundry Group, author of Venture Deals and Do More Faster

"Reuter breaks the stigma about mothers that chose to leave the workforce. She provides practical tools to start a business, by showing the path to success for every woman that wants to write her own rules"
—Sharon Kan, CEO of Pepperlane & Co-Founder of the WIN Lab

"Reuter manages to put into words what women have been facing and feeling for decades. She leaves the readers with stories, steps and inspiration to create the career path they are worthy of no matter if it's starting from scratch or breaking glass ceilings. This book will fuel the next generation of women in leadership and entrepreneurship giving them guides and confidence as it has fueled me to start the business I have always wanted."
—Elizabeth Presta, CD(DONA), CLD
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